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Alto Paraíso

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Alto Paraíso de Goiás

The mystical astral and countless natural beauty of Chapada dos makes Alto Paraíso de Goiás a meeting point of different tribes. There, they gather esoteric, ecotourists and adventurers in perfect harmony - also had been able to! In one scenario outlined by huge canyons, rocky cliffs, crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, natural pools and quartz mines, only peace can reign.

To protect such beauty the government created in 1961, the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, accessible from the village of St. George, the 36 kilometers of Alto Paraíso. In the area of ​​65 hectares there are few trails open to visitors, but they lead - still well - the classic postcards of the region.

Among them are the Black River heels, which form waterfalls up to 120 meters high and the largest natural pool area, which reaches 300 meters in diameter. To know the falls you need to be aware: the reserve has limited daily capacity and to make the tours is mandatory to follow guides.

Stations The region has two well-marked stations -secas and chuvas- but also the transitional periods that end up being the favorite of many people. The apex of rainfall is between January and March, when many residents choose to leave the area. After the rains in May, the rivers are still full and the flowers are at their maximum, so is the time to observe the majestic palipalans that give an air so special to this Cerrado altitude. Here then the winter is dry and relatively cool Chapada, getting harder to enjoy its waters, moreover, in some points can quite scarce. But in September tentatively resume the rains, allowing budding Tasty cajuzinho Cerrado.


The exuberance of Alto Paraíso Nature is one of the highlights around the city. The landscape is special as a whole, with emphasis the paths as the Maitreya garden on the edge of the National Park. The night sky wonder by its sharpness and amount of stars, in the dry above all, being an attraction for the sky observer groups. The Cerrado native flowers also make their presence all year. And even in the city, we observe all the time the great birds of the region, such as macaws and toucans. The amount falls "well distributed" the region is remarkable, and take a few weeks to get to know the most important.

Natural Attractions

The beautiful Loquinhas of blue waters, allow access on foot from Alto Paraíso, and Crystal (another beautiful sequence of waterfalls on the way to Cavalcante) is either too far away. In the town of Mill, is the Solarion park with gorgeous angels and archangels. Toward the town St. George are the Almécegas and St. Benedict, with its broad lake where it annually holds the water polo. But near this village attractions differentiate through tubing in the Golden Valley and especially the impressive "Valley of the Moon" with their whimsically carved stones. In the town, it is the entrance of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, where daily guided groups go out to the attractions of the park, basically rivers and cacheiras, as Cariocas and Saltos do Rio Preto fantastic. It deserves mentioning the "stations" of thermal waters that have been the hills path, and very well integrated in nature. After that, for those who have more time and inclination, there are the monkeys waterfalls, Macaquinhos and leather (shooting a visit with its enormous exuberance), among other less frequented. See more in Falls.


One of the most fantastic festivals of the region is the traditional meeting of Chapada Peoples, held in the town of St. George (the road is finally ending being paved!) In July. Ali attend various indigenous nations and the visitor has the opportunity to live with their dances and customs, among many other attractions. The Alto Paraíso Town is currently revitalizing its traditional customs, such as "Hunt the Queen" which integrates the Festivities of the Holy Spirit and goes back to the legends of Medieval Knights, always very strong in the state of Goias. Beside this, there are several associations Protestant religious origin or from other sources, which also have much influence on local society.